Poster Lamina fotografica abstracta


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You are buying the high quality photographic foil version from an original reproduction of the copyrighted work. The foil versión lacks of documental artistic value. At decorative effect is a faithful reproduction without author's signature and has a great quality.


You can get the art work in various finishes. To get an idea of the finish We have prepared some test images for you. Under the add to cart button you’ll see the finish option, select the one you prefer to see the sample image.


To see the art work that you're buying select momentarily the size 30x40, Glossy finish. The store will show you the art work that you’re going to buy in foil format of high quality.


The finishes available are:


The classic in glossy finish

Our classic poster in elegant glossy finish with brilliant colours. This special photo poster has a fascinating colour performance, which represents your phots in bright, natural and vivid colours and details.


FUJIFILM Crystal Archive Professional Paper Gloss

  • elegant glossy finish
  • bright and vibrant colours
  • natural complexion
  • intensive dark hues
  • sharp detail reproduction
  • extremely durable



High stability and intensive colours

The classic poster in matte has excellent sharpness, precise colour reproduction and a high D-max value for dark hues and sharp texts.


FUJIFILM Crystal Archive Professional Paper Matte

  • matte finish
  • saturated colours
  • natural complexion
  • sharp detail reproduction
  • intensive dark hues
  • not prone to fingerprints
  • 234 g/m²
  • extremely durable



The touch of Silk | Portrait

The classic photo poster with silk finish has a very special touch. It is often used in advertising and portrait photography. It presents an excellent colour reproduction and has a long-lasting stability.


FUJIFILM Crystal Archive Professional Paper Silk | Portrait

  • silk finish
  • brilliant highlight details
  • intensive colour range



Stability for over 100 years

With this metallic photo paper, you can make your photos and posters really outstanding. Thanks to the glossy finish and the metallic look, the poster has an appealing appearance and amazing spatial depth. Photographers describe this effect as "chrome on paper".


KODAK Professional Endura Metallic

  • distinctive metallic look
  • glossy finish with silver effect
  • extended colour range with intensive dark hues
  • 3D effect
  • sharp reproduction of images, texts and graphics
  • long-lasting image stability




Silver and pearly glowing effect

The FUJIFILM Crystal Archive DPII Digital Pearl Professional Paper is a colour paper with metallic gleam and pearly reflection. It has thick layers and high stability, particularly suited for high-quality posters. Depending on the light, the poster shows a silver and pearly effect, and even complexion has a subtle gloss.


FUJIFILM Crystal Archive Professional Pearl Paper

  • pearly gleam
  • excellent for warm hues
  • fascinating silver reflection in the light
  • metallic glossy finish
  • intensive colour range
  • spatial depth
  • long-lasting image stability


6.- FLEX

FUJIFILM Professional Photo Paper made from 100% PET

You will be convinced by the amazing features of this poster: the intensive high gloss of the surface and the remarkable robustness. It is made of 100% PET, which makes it extremely stable and tear resistant. The poster presents bright colours with 3D effect.


FUJIFILM Crystal Archive Professional Flex Paper

  • mirror-like high gloss
  • warm ground colour
  • intensive colour range
  • fascinating spatial depth
  • 100% PET - extremely durable
  • long-lasting image stability


Localizacion Almendralejo
Hora del Dia Nocturnas

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Poster Lamina fotografica abstracta

Poster Lamina fotografica abstracta

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